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So basically I was printing parts for my new printer. One of the parts was the x axis mounts and tensioner. The tensioner did not fit in the right side mount so I measured and it was 15.3 mm tall but the opening was 14.4 mm. I loaded just the one part in S3D and it showed it was supposed to be 14.4 mm. My first layer was 150% so I would think it might be 14.5 mm since my first layer (after raft) is .3 mm. I printed just that one part on a raft and it turned out the same, 15.3 mm. I removed the raft, and because I was experiencing issues with layer 1 being too thin and not sticking, I changed that to 75%, so the first layer should be .15 mm.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.



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